how many hafiz in pakistan Memorizers Quran are Made in Pakistan Every Year?


how many hafiz in pakistan

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Military Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yusuf has how many hafiz in pakistan said that the preparation of more than 73,000 Hafazas every year is a source of pride for Pakistan in the whole world. The transfer of education to the provinces in the 18th amendment was a big mistake that needs to be revised. Without it, the dream of uniform education system in the country cannot be fulfilled. These views were expressed by the Federal Minister of Mental Affairs while addressing a press conference at the end of the annual examinations administered by the Federation of Al-Madaris al-Arabiya.

He said that we are currently negotiating with scholars on educational reforms. A lot of work has been done to bring madrasas into the national mainstream. Madrasa examination procedure is enviable, where there is no concept of boti which is welcome. The consultation on the clearance and authentication of credentials issued to students of Madrasahs has been completed. The consultation on the establishment of a separate examination board for religious schools is ongoing. Madrasahs should also be allocated in the education budget. This is the responsibility of an Islamic government.

Devolution of education to the provinces by the 18th Amendment was a wrong decision that needs to be reconsidered. Regarding Nizam Salat, he said that he prepared the draft Nizam Salat calendar and legislation for Islamabad in consultation with the scholars. This draft is not against the scholars but against those who come to the mosque to give the adhan without time so that they can be stopped. After further consultation on the draft, it will be tabled in the Assembly.

Qari Hanif Jalandhri, secretary general of Al-Madaris al-Arabiya, said that the curriculum of religious education is the same throughout the country. In the 18th amendment, the province has been assigned the education sector, which has reservations. To make the Pakistani nation a nation, it is necessary to implement a uniform education system. The society is disintegrating due to class division due to different curriculum.

He demanded that religious education should be recognized as formal education by forming a board comprising Madrasahs. how many hafiz in pakistan is the only Islamic country, 73 thousand 2700 boys and girls have completed memorizing the Quran annually, including 1300 memorizations. 23,000 male and female students passed the scholars’ examinations, in which 1300 female students became scholars. There are 21 levels of exams in Federated Schools starting from middle to MA level, all exams are held at the same time. Al-Madaris al-Arabiya Federation is the largest educational setup in the Islamic world. In Pakistan at present 20 thousand madrasas and universities are affiliated to federated madrasas.

2.3 million students are being taught in these schools. Along with religious studies, we are also imparting modern education, technical education up to matriculation. All four lakh male and female students of Federated Schools have given the exam. 

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Today, the annual exams are coming to an end. There is not much difference between Al-Madaris al-Arabiya and other Al-Madaris associations. There is no division in the country due to the curriculum of federal schools.

 Unity arrangements have promoted the atmosphere of unity and unity by establishing madrasas and given the message of unity. The goal of madrasas is not to produce doctors, scientists or engineers, but to create familiarity with contemporary sciences. Our main goal is to produce scholars. It is the responsibility of the government if it sets up such departments so that they can develop in the field of engineering, science.




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