Best 700 Watt UPS in Pakistan With Price in Pakistan 2024

Best 700 Watt UPS in Pakistan With Price in Pakistan 2024

In a nation that is likened to Pakistan where power blackouts are one of the order events in everyday life, an electric steady source system ends up being important. A 700-Watt UPS makes a good option for powering essential electronic devices when the blackout occurs. In this article, we present the best 700 Watt UPS in Pakistan to ensure you select wisely and enjoy seamless power.

4 Best 700 Watt UPS in Pakistan

APC Back-UPS Pro 700VA UPS

One reliable choice is the APC Back UPS Pro 700VA; this particular product has a good reputation for its dependability and durability. It has a 700 W power backup that is sufficient for essential appliances. The functionality of this device is further enhanced by such features as automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and a convenient LCD display. This UPS serves for both home and small office applications.


  • The APC Back-UPS Pro 700VA provides a maximum output power of 700VA or 420 watts,
  • This UPS comes equipped with 10 outlets, ensuring that multiple devices can be connected to receive both battery backup and surge protection.
  • The UPS is designed with Automatic Voltage Regulation, which stabilizes the incoming voltage, protecting connected devices from harmful power fluctuations.
  • The built-in LCD display provides real-time information about the UPS status, battery capacity, and various parameters.
  • The UPS includes surge-protected outlets that automatically cut power to connected devices when not in use, helping to conserve energy and reduce electricity costs.


Hyundai 700 Watts UPS HI-1000

The Hyundai 700 Watts UPS HI-100 is a giant among uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, offering sturdy and efficient service. The key features and advantages of this innovative UPS that makes it one in a row product for individuals, business organization due to the superior standard power backup support. The Hyundai 700 Watts UPS HI-100 is specifically for use when there are blackouts or power surges. Its 700 watt capacity makes it easy to cope with the power needs of numerous electronic devices thereby providing smooth operation for computers, servers and other important equipment.


  • 1 year Brand Warranty
  • Color: White & Black
  • Model HI-1000 Capacity
  • 1000va/700w Input Input Voltage Range 170-280Vac
  • normal ra 90-280Vac
  • Hyundai Inverter UPS – HI-1000
  • Warranty Card

Homage Neon HNE 1003 700 Watt Ups

The Homage HEX 1204 is a 700 Watt UPS, which aims to provide backup power in Pakistani houses. It has a microprocessor-based digital control that ensures best performance. Given its small size, it is ideal for use in households that have limited space. The UPS also offers overload protection that prolongs the life of devices connected.


  • Power 700 Watts
  • 1 year Brand Warranty
  • Capacity ; 5 tube lights & 12energy savers
  • Best machine ever
  • Colour Available; Black
  • 1000VA/ 700Watt/ 12VDC/ 220VAC
  • Rack design & wall-mounted design for flexible installation
  • Multi-function LCD with LED indicators
  • Cost-effective as compared to generator

3G Powers UPS BHV-1000VA-12VDC 700 Watts

Internet connectivity and constant electricity supply are crucial for technology-oriented society to operate effectively. With the development of 3G technology, numerous industries have been affected significantly with one such application being its compatibility with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. As an impressive representation of how 3G motivates innovation in power management, the UPS BHV-1000VA VDC is a remarkable instance. With 700 Watts of power, this model benefits from the availability and usability offered by 3G technology.


  • 1 Year Brand Warranty
  • Model 1- BHV-1000VA-(12VDC) (700 Watts)
  • For 5 Fans & 6 (25W) Energy Savors
  • LCD Pure sine wave output. Attractive Display
  • Built-in Complete AVR
  • Can be Change from Display
  • Battery Type, Charging Mode,
  • UPS / Inverter Mode

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 700 Watt Ups Price in Pakistan

BrandsPrice in Pakistan
APC Back-UPS Pro 700VA UPSRs. 62,000
Hyundai 700 Watts UPS HI-1000Rs. 12,000
Homage Neon HNE 1003 700 Watt UpsRs. 11,200
3G Powers UPS BHV-1000VA-12VDC 700 WattsRs. 43,999


One of the most important requirements for residents and businesses operating is investing in a high-quality 700 Watt UPS in Pakistan because there are many power outages. Options of UPS mentioned above that is guide to the different types of features offered by these procurements. The selection of the best UPS should be based on some factors such as reliability, other additional features and affordability to provide a smooth power supply without interruptions.

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