Deep Fake Video of YouTuber Dicky Bhai Wife Aroob Jatoi Goes Viral

Deep Fake Video of YouTuber Dicky Bhai Wife Aroob Jatoi Goes Viral

A deep fake video of the Aroob Jatoi wife of YouTuber Saadur Rehman aka Dicky Bhai, who has more than 6 million YouTube subscribers in Pakistan, Video gone viral on social media.

According to the details, the YouTuber uploaded the video on his YouTube channel in this regard and explained in detail the viral video has actually been created using deep fake technology, in which the face of his wife Aroob has been replaced with the face of the other  woman.

Dicky Bhai further said in the video that whoever did this act did not do well at all, playing with someone’s honor like this is not good at all, I will go to the bottom of this matter.

Meanwhile, he also said that if anyone tells me about the girl whose video has been edited or gives any information about the person who edited the video, I will reward him Rs 10 lakhs.

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Dicky Bhai wife Aroob Jatoi said that whoever has made this video viral should be ashamed, every woman, mother, sister, daughter is in one form, so we should all be sisters and daughters of each other. Respect should be taken care of.



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