Inside the face of PTI-police clashes in Zaman Park, leaked audio of Yasmin Rashid and Ejaz Shah is posted online.

Another sound purportedly including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) pioneer Yasmin Rashid and previous inside serve Ijaz Shah has surfaced, Geo News announced Wednesday evening.

It shows a woman, probably former Punjab health minister Yasmin Rashid, discussing the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan with a man, probably Shah leaked audio of Yasmin Rashid and Ejaz Shah.

The release of the audio came as the authorities continued to press for Imran Khan’s arrest near his Zaman Park residence in Lahore and an intense standoff between PTI supporters and law enforcement entered its second day on Wednesday.

Both leaders are said to be discussing Imran Khan’s possible arrest in the alleged audio of Rashid and Shah.

The woman, Razid, can be heard telling the man, Shah, that Khan sahib (Imran Khan) has requested that all MNAs and MPAs be contacted immediately by phone.

The man responded by saying, We are executing it.”

The woman then reiterated Imran Khan’s instructions to the former minister, stating that Imran Khan is instructing the former minister to “gather men and reach.”

Rashid claims that the PTI chief explicitly stated that he would not issue tickets to those who did not reach him “immediately” and demanded that everyone do so.

Rashid, leader of the PTI, later confirmed the audio leak of the conversation with Shah.


She stated that the audio contained no controversial information.



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