NADRA Introduces Online Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis.

NADRA Introduces Online Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis.

A unique step was taken by NADRA by introducing an easy to use online system of PoA for oversea Pakistanis, who are unable to travel to nearest Pakistan missions, due to certain exigencies. It seeks to make it easy for one get authority over another person in Pakistan living. Overseas Pakistanis with active NICOP, CNIC, and POC cards may empower a person.

Pakistan via a simple six-step online procedure.

In order to apply for the online Power of Attorney, applicants need to satisfy the required criteria like they should be an overseas Pakistani. Also required are valid identificaton cards like CNIC/NICOP/POC for executors(s) witnessess and attorney;a working e-mail address, telephone number, and postal addresses which should be outpakistan.

Additionally, biometric data comprising the executors’ best four fingers and fingerprints of two witnesses are required, together with submission and payment of online fees using a credit/debit card. Applicants need to attach a scanned copy of the duly signed Power of Attorney which carries thumb impression, signature of executant, and photo of the executive.

Applicants should be precise in giving the details of an attorney and witnesses names. Before being attested by a relevant Pakistani Mission Abroad, physical attendance should be made for purpose of Power of Attorney attestation by foreigners after attesting themselves from their respective state Department or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in home land countries.

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When applying for the digital power of attorney, an executor chooses the designated mission in Pakistan that will include the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Not doing this can also route the application into misplacement and subsequently rejection. The digital Power of Attorney provided by NADR demonstrates innovation in addressing contemporary requisites from foreign Pakistanis with regard to simplified yet expeditious legal proceedings.



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