UK New Immigration Rules – New UK Visa Rules

UK New Immigration Rules - New UK Visa Rules

London: The Government announced on December 4, 2023 UK New Immigration Rules so that people from other countries will be allowed to live and work in the UK.

The British ministers face enormous pressure to deal with legal immigration. In 2022 official statistics indicate that there will be a record number of migrant arrivals in the UK amounting to 745,000. The current immigration is “high” as stated by Prime Minister Rishi Singh.

What are the UK New Immigration Rules?

However, most people who want to work in the United Kingdom still go through the UK New Immigration Rules process through the PBS. However, from spring 2024, an applicant should have a high paid job offer in order to access a work’s visa. The will need to have atleast thirty percent higher income from work i.e. not less than £38,700 a year.
Some jobs are exempted from this law for example in the fields of healthcare and social work. However, the foreign careworkers will not be allowed to bring their family members.

A system of benefits was approved by the Labor government in 2008, which has since been introduced for migrants from countries other than the EU. But after the Brexit vote, the Conservatives reconsidered. The current PBS system – which includes refugees from the EU and other countries – was launched in late 2020.

How does the PBS system work?

New UK Visa Rules A skilled worker’s visa can only be granted to applicants qualified enough. Applicants should achieve a minimum score of at least fifty points from the level of minimal proficiency and must be able to communicate in English. These may include shortage of worker or doctors or doctorates and reductions of salary structure for the remaining 20 concessions.
In addition to paying between £718 to £1,495 for the skilled worker’s visa, the skilled individual would also need to add an additional £624 for health insurance for each year they remain in the UK. The current yearly cost of the healthcare plan is £1035.

What is a job shortage list?

This list works with employers to fill specific job vacancies. These types of jobs have low income and pay, so applicants can get the incentives necessary to get a visa.

  • Jobs in health and education sectors
  • Care workers
  • Graphic designers
  • Construction workers
  • Doctors

To fill this gap, employers have previously been able to provide 80 percent of jobs to foreign workers. It will be canceled after next spring. The Labor Party has criticized the move as “wage cutting”, which it says allows employers to cut local wages.

From spring 2024, foreign care workers will not be allowed to bring their family members with them.

About Family Visa

The government of UK New Immigration Rules is raising the minimum income to £38,700 for those bringing family members to the UK on a family visa from spring 2024. The minimum income is currently set at £18,600. By the end of June 2023, around £70,000 people had come to the UK on inland visas.

How many immigrants come to UK?

A total of 1,180,000 people entered the UK by the end of June 2023 wishing to extend their stay for a minimum of one year whereas approximately 508,000 were deported. In other words by 2022 refugee arrivals would have reached a record peak of about 745 thousand people. it was high. Most immigrants originated from non-European Union states in Europe and elsewhere globally.

New statistics reveal that approximately 968,000 migrants came from non European states. The office of national statistics revealed that a total of 39-percent of them came for knowledge advancement as the primary purpose, while approximately 23% did so to acquire better paying jobs, and a further 33% for humanitarian causes.

The top five countries on the list were from outside the EU:

  1. Indians (253,000)
  2. Nigerians (141,000)
  3. Chinese (89,000)
  4. Pakistanis (55,000)
  5. Ukrainian (35,000)

How many students come to UK?

By the close of September 2023, the UK government had issued a total of 486, 107 student visa. A significant number was that of Indian and Chinese. Next came Nigeria students and then Pakistani and American.

The students who are in this stage should also apply for family visas such as a husband, wife, an unmarried partner or children below eighteen years. A total of 152,980 family visas were issued in September for the year ended.

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The government will stop foreign students’ parents from joining with them in the country because they study other courses and have been paying more starting from January 2024. Those students that graduated and would like to remain in the UK up to a maximum of two (three for Ph.D. holder) years doing a work will also be considered eligible within a student visa.

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