Prince Harry hid in the car trunk to avoid the cameras

Prince Harry
 source: file photo

England: Prince Harry has accused the Mirror Group of Newspapers (MGN) of phone hacking and illegal intrusion into his private life to gather information.


According to global media reports, Prince Harry appeared as a witness in the High Court against MGN where he gave evidence in the case of illegal information gathering, including phone hacking.

Harry has accused MGN of inciting hatred against him and portraying him as a cheater, underage drinker, irresponsible and drug addict.

Prince Harry said that he decided to go to court so that he can get to the bottom of all these cases and the court can hold the perpetrators accountable.

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Harry, who now lives in the US with his wife Meghan Markle and two children, Archie and Lilibeth, said the papers affected his personal life. They even had to face the media representatives and their cameras, to avoid which they had to hide in the trunk of the car.




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