How to Check and Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan

Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan

When pay your bills at the bank required waiting in long queues. Since the launch of many different online Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan payment methods, you may now check and pay the electricity bill online quickly and easily without leaving your home.

These methods of payment have been around for a while, but many people are either unaware of them or are unsure of how to use them. Therefore, we have created an in-depth article on how to pay electricity bills online in Pakistan in order to make things a little easiy for you. Further, we covered how to verify or receive a copy of your electricity bill from the convenience of your home.

Benefits of Online Bill Payment in Pakistan

Are you wondering why you should choose to Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan?

Here a few proven benefits of paying electricity bills online that may help you change your mind:

  1. It is easy. You can avoid long queues at banks and pay your dues from anywhere in the world.
  2. Online bill payment is secure.
  3. It makes money management easier.
  4. Paying electricity bills online can help strengthen your finances.
  5. Choosing to pay online is environmentally beneficial.

How to check electricity bill online in Pakistan?

There are many quick online methods available to check and track your bill payment status and its online history. Checking the required information through online mobile apps and official websites of electricity supply companies of your area (Fesco, Mapco, Lesco, Gepco, K Electric etc.) operating under PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) is the most effective. and reliable method. , let’s discuss the methods one by one!

How to Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan?

Advances in technology have made Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan easier than ever.

Here are the main three payment gateways for your electricity bills.

Mobile Banking

Easy Paisa

Jazz Cash

Pay electricity bill through internet and mobile banking

Almost all major commercial banks including Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HBL and UBL allow their customers to pay electricity bills online through internet and mobile banking services. All you need to do is visit your local delivery company’s website and find out which banks and services you can use to pay your bills from the comfort of your home.

You can also download the mobile application of the bank where you have an account and use you reference number and customer ID to make the payment.

Pay electricity bill using EasyPaisa

EasyPaisa is one of the most popular online payment services in Pakistan. It allows users to pay all types of bills at their fingertips.

To pay electricity bill online through EasyPaisa, you need to download its app and create an account. Once signed up, you’ll need to login using a 5-digit PIN, tap on ‘Pay Bills’ and choose a payment from the menu before selecting ‘Select Bill Type’. Enter a new bill. Click on the ‘Electricity’ box, select your electricity distribution company from the list and either scan your barcode from the bill or enter your reference number to generate your bill details.

Make sure to verify the name, due date and amount displayed on your mobile phone before proceeding with the payment. Tap on ‘Pay Bill Now’ to complete the transaction.

Pay electricity bill through Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash is another online payment and e-wallet service that offers hassle-free bill payment options to its users. With Jazz Cash you can pay your electricity bill online in two ways: through the app or through a Jazz Cash code.

If you are not a Mobilink user then you should consider downloading the Jazz Cash app. The process of paying your bills through this app is quite similar to Easy Paisa. All you need to do is sign up, create an M PIN, select the type of bill and utility company, add a customer or reference number, confirm all your details and tap the screen to complete the transaction.

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On the other hand, Mobilink customers can select ‘Pay Bill’ by dialing *786# from their registered number. Then select the bill type and electricity distribution company. Then, they need to scan the barcode on their bill or manually enter the customer number to generate the payment details. Add M-PIN to confirm transactions and pay bills online. So there you have it.

These are some of the standard methods to check and pay electricity bills online in PakistanCheck and Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan.


Additional charges apply for bill payments after the due date. So, make sure to pay it before the due date, i.e. before midnight of the due date in case of online bill payment or before the closing time of banks or digital shops.

We hope that now you have fully understood that electricity bill is paid in different ways in Pakistan. You can follow any of the above methods to Check and Pay electricity Bill Online in Pakistan. Either paid yet or not. You can also contact helpline and complaint center for further queries.







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