Hair Straightener Price in Pakistan 2023, Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan

Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan

Straight hair is a timeless look in the ever changing worlds of beauty and fashion. Hair straighteners, an ordinary home device, enable customers get a want shiny and smooth hair style. If you’re seeking for the Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan with price, you’re in luck. In this post, we’ll look at the 5 Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan so you can make an informed decision to get salon-quality hair straightener at home. 

In a society when first impressions matter, your hair is a key component of your style. With the appropriate hair straightener, you can effortlessly attain straight hair, which has long been a mark of sophistication and elegance. Let’s explore the world of hair straighteners and learn about the  best straightener brands in pakistan.

5 Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan







The well-known brand Philips constantly produces excellent hair straighteners. Their products are known for their cutting-edge technology, strength, and use. Every type of hair you have—thick, curly, or fine, straight—Philips has a straightener that will work for you. A number of models with variable temperature settings, ceramic heating plates for consistent heat distribution, and ion treatment for a smooth result are available from the brand hair straightener price in pakistan.

Philips Hair Straightener

Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener BHS375 The product Quality best and price Rs 13,999

  • Brand Warranty
  • Keratin ceramic plates with ThermoProtect technology for shiny, easily gliding hair
  • range of temperatures up to 220 °C
  • two temperature ranges
  • Plates that are 100mm long for quick and simple straightening
  • Rapid heating, ready to use in 60 seconds
  • Key-lock feature for secure and convenient storage
  • universal voltage for usage everywhere
  • Switch kind of temperature control
  • 28 x 100 mm long plates
  • Heatup Period: 60 Sec.
  • 110-240 volts
  • 8 m for the cord


Remington is another popular best hair straightener brands in pakistan the marketplace of hair styling products. Their hair straighteners are popular as they are affordable and effective. Remington provides a variety of choices for various hair types and hairstyles. They focus on safety features in many of their products, such as auto shut-off mechanisms, floating plates for simple sliding, and short heat-up times. Additionally, affordable prices, many people can buy these products .

Remington Hair Straightener

Remington S3500 Hair Straightener The product Quality is best and price Rs 11,700

  • infused with micro conditioners that resist frizz, advanced ceramic plates
  • Use both wet and dry
  • 45 Watts
  • plates longer than 110mm
  • Floating plate for uniform styling pressure that shuts off after 60 minutes
  • rotary chord
  • Locking plate for storage
  • 4x protection for less static and smooth shine
  • Smooth glide plates, tourmaline, ceramic, anti-static, and a wheel with adjustable temperature


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Kenue is famous for its high-end hair straighteners that produce salon-quality results. Although these straighteners are more expensive, the result makes them value the cost. Keune straighteners provide smooth and long-lasting results.

Keune Hair Straightener

Keune Hair Straightener 85ml two-tube set The product Quality best and price 1799

  • Extra-strong hair straightener and fixing balm in a two-tube set.
  • lotion with silk protein and keratin for straightening
  • leaves hair silky and straight, making it simple to handle.
  • All natural hair types, notably thick, curly, or wavy hair, are advised.
  • Incompatible with colored, permed, or bleached hair
  • To give hair a smooth and straight appearance, Keune offers a two-product hair straightening set.
  • The kit includes a fixing balm and a hair straightening treatment to help control curly hair.
  • Silk proteins are added to Keune’s Hair Straightener Extra Forte Cream to assist keep the hair strong and healthy.
  • It has keratin (K+), which makes the hair straight, lustrous, and energetic.
  • The fixing balm gives the piece a durable final touch.


There are many different hair straighteners from Dawlance available for different hair types and styles. They are known for their innovative technology,  Dawlance straighteners frequently include different heat settings, letting you adjust the warmth to your hair specific needs. They are a common option for at-home hair straightening

Dawlance Hair Straightener

Dawlance DWHS-7031 Hair Straightener The product Quality best and price Rs 11,900

Turbo Function 4 Different Temperature Setting LED Display 3 m Cable Length Ceramic Plates With Rosemary Oil Additive Auto Shut Off After 60 Minutes Ionic Activity Quick Heating Feature, Locking Plate Lock, and Temperature Level


Nova, a trusted best hair straightener brands in pakistan with price in personal care items, are no different. Precision and effectiveness were priorities in the design of these straighteners.

Buy Nova 2 in 1 Hair Curler & Straightener 2009 - pink at Lowest Price in Pakistan |

Nova Hair straightener

Nova Hair Curler and Straightener Pink-2009 The product Quality best and price Rs 880

  • Straightens and curls hair with a 2-in-1 hair straightening and curling set.
  • For all types of hair
  • 26 x 90 mm plate with a nano ceramic coating
  • cheapest price 

Hair Straightener Price in Pakistan 2023

Best Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan Prices
Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener BHS375 Rs. 13,999
Remington S3500 Hair Straightener Rs. 11,700
Keune Hair Straightener 85ml two-tube set Rs. 1,799
Dawlance DWHS-7031 Hair Rs. 11,900
Nova Hair Curler and Straightener Pink-2009 Rs. 880


TheBest Hair Straightener Brands in Pakistan can make all the difference in creating sleek, straight hair. The top 5 hair straightener brands in Pakistan  These brands provide a rangeble of products to fit various hair types and price points. These brands can meet your needs regardless of whether you value modern technology, hair straightener price in pakistan, or salon-quality results. Consider your hair type and styling needs before choosing the ideal hair straightener that will leave your hair looking beautiful and neatly style. 



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