Remington Hair Straightener price in Pakistan 2023, Remington Hair straightener best Model

Remington Hair Straightener

The variety of hair straighteners on the market make getting flawlessly straight, silky hair easier than ever. In order to satisfy various demands and tastes, Remington, a well-known company in the hair care industry, offers a selection of Remington Hair Straightener. In order to assist you make an informed decision, we’ll examine the Best Remington hair straightener models in this post with a focus on offering a human touch perspective.

It’s important to comprehend your hair kind before getting into the technicalities of Remington Hair Straightener price in Pakistan. Considerations such hair texture, thickness, and length should be taken into account while selecting a hair straightener model. Keeping your particular demands in mind, numerous Remington models are created to accommodate different hair types.

Best Remington hair straightener in Pakistan

  1. Remington hair straightener s3500 ceramic 230
  2. Remington hair straightener s9100 proluxe
  3. Remington hair straightener s8500 shine therapy
  4. Remington hair straightener coconut smooth s5901
  5. Remington hair straightener botanicals s5860

Remington hair straightener s3500 ceramic 230

The antistatic ceramic coated plates on the Remington S3500 Ceramic Slim 230 straightener provide your hair extra protection while creating sleek and silky hair with each effortless stroke. Additionally, it works quickly, reaching its maximum temperature of 230°C in just 15 seconds, enabling you to instantly get silky, lustrous hair.

  • 4 X Protection for less static and a smooth gloss
  • Setting for high heat: 150–230 °C
  • 110 mm thin extra-long plates
  • Plates that float for better alignment
  • Quick 15 second heating for immediate style
  • Temperature-controlling wheel
  • After 60 minutes, automatic safety shutdown occurs.
  • Locking plate for storage
  • global voltage
  • pouch with heat resistance
  • 1 Year Warranty on the swivel cord


Remington hair straightener s9100 proluxe

Featuring hairstyles that endure longer thanks to the PROluxe straightener of professional quality. Your hair will look healthy and be beautifully straight thanks to the sophisticated OPTIheat technology within. You’ll have snag-free, 50% straighter hair with just one pass since your hair will slide across the ceramic with ease.

  • Locked In Styles for 24 hours
  • Where it matters, intelligent OPTIHeat technology delivers heat.
  • Setting with a pro-plus for guilt-free, healthier style
  • adjustable temperatures up to 230°C
  • Ceramic with maximum glide is 5 times smoother.
  • In one pass, hair is 50% more straight
  • 1 Year of Warranty

Remington hair straightener s8500 shine therapy

The Remington Shine Therapy Straightener, which produces gorgeously smooth, shining locks with every stroke, is the perfect way to give your hair some therapy. This powerful straightener will aid in softening hair and offer an astounding 86% more shine* thanks to the combination of shine-enhancing technology and Advanced Ceramic coated plates combined with priceless Moroccan Argan Oil.

You can completely manage your styling with heat settings ranging from 150°C to an astonishing 230°C. Pick a lower heat setting if your hair is fine or has been colored, bleached, or treated. Choose a medium temperature if your hair is normal. And for people with thick, coarse, or curly hair, turn the heat up to the highest setting for long-lasting effects.

  • plates with advanced ceramic coating and Moroccan argan oil
  • Displaying temperature digitally
  • 230°C to 150°C in 9 settings
  • a rapid 15 second heat-up
  • floating plates for uniform hair pressure
  • turbo-boost capability
  • temperature-locking mechanism
  • after 60 minutes, automatically turn off
  • Locking plate for storage
  • pouch with heat resistance
  • 5-meter swivel cord
  • One-year warranty

Remington hair straightener coconut smooth s5901

 The Coconut Smooth Straightener, which includes Advanced Ceramic Coated Plates and Micro-Conditioners infused with coconut, you can create styles that offer All Day Anti-Frizz Protection*. You won’t ever have to wait for it to heat up because of its quick (15 second) heat-up time before you can start styling and feeling your best. Choose from 9 Temperature Settings up to 230°C to further customize the heat for your hair type.

  • Plates with a modern ceramic coating and coconut-infused micro-
  • Anti-Frizz Conditioners for All Day Protection
  • Quick Heating, 15 Seconds Ready to Use
  • Digital Temperature Controls with 9 Settings and a Maximum Temperature of 230°C
  • Temperature Boosting Mechanism
  • Table Lock
  • 60-Minute Automatic Safety Shut-Off
  • The 110m Longer Floating Plates
  • Storage Bag
  • One-Year Warranty

Remington hair straightener botanicals s5860

Our BotanicalsTM Straightener harnesses the power of Aloe Vera, Jojoba, and Rose Extract. For smooth, shining results, micro-conditioners containing plant extracts are absorbed into the ceramic coated plates. With the BotaniCare temperature setting, your straightener is set to a lower temperature of 185°C so you can gently style with less risk of injury. Natural beauty hair is only a few minutes away with Ionic conditioning to eliminate frizz and extra-fast heat up in just 15 seconds.

  • Enhanced Plant-Based Extracts in Advanced Ceramic Coating; Aloe
  • Setting the temperature in BotaniCare
  • Conditioning with ions
  • 10 settings for a digital temperature controller that ranges from 150 to 230 °C
  • Ultra-Quick Heating
  • specially designed curved housing
  • 110mm Thin Floating Plate
  • Screen Display on LCD
  • Temperature Locking Mechanism
  • Memory performance
  • 60-minute Automatic Safety Shut-Off
  • 3m Swivel Cord Professional Length
  • One Year of Warranty

Remington hair straightener price in pakistan


Remington Hair  StraightenerPrice
Remington hair straightener s3500 ceramic 230Rs. 8,540
Remington hair straightener s9100 proluxeRs. 19,125
Remington hair straightener s8500 shine therapyRs. 14,660
Remington hair straightener coconut smooth s5901Rs. 14,760
Remington hair straightener botanicals s5860Rs  19,680


Salon-quality results and protect the health of your hair, picking the appropriate remington hair straightener best model. You may select the ideal Best Remington Hair Straighteners for your needs with confidence by taking into account your hair type, preferences, and the human touch provided by each model. To keep your hair looking its best, always remember to use safe hair straightening techniques.




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