The wait of the fans is over, Best drama serial Gunah will be aired on Express Entertainment from June 8

drama serial Gunah
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KARACHI: After the great success of the drama Sir Rah and Ek Thi Laila, the drama serial ‘Ganah’ will be aired for the fans on Express Entertainment from June 8 every Thursday night at 8 pm.


The drama serial Gunah will feature Saba Qamar, Sarmad Khost, Rabia Butt and Jagan Kazim in lead roles.

The trailer of the drama was released four days ago, in which Saba Qamar can be heard talking to her mother while in this promo she is also seen strangling her husband Malik Hayat Khan in revenge.

At one point, while answering the question ‘How can a mother be so selfish and insensitive?’, Saba Qamar says that ‘Mom, love is the only thing that makes a person think, understand, feel, right, wrong, good and bad. It frees everyone from imprisonment’.

 In the drama serial Gunah, Sarmad Khost is playing the role of the feudal lord Malik Hayat Khan. Whose wife ‘Saba Qamar’ falls in love with a young boy and runs away leaving everything.

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Rabia Butt is playing the role of honest SHO Abhiha in this drama. The drama is directed by Adnan Sarwar while the story is penned by Mohsin Ali.




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