Champions Trophy 2025 India’s refusal to play in Pakistan

Champions Trophy 2025 India's refusal to play in Pakistan

Lahore: The edition of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 scheduled in Pakistan is approaching. According to Indian media, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has urged the ICC to compensate Team India if it refuses to travel to Pakistan. It has been reported that PCB Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf along with PCB COO Salman Naseer had earlier met the ICC Executive Board in Ahmedabad and discussed the hosting of Champions Trophy 2025 there. It was thought.

The PCB officials wanted the ICC to avoid any unilateral decision if the BCCI refused to send Team India to Pakistan for the event.

It is worth mentioning here that India had earlier refused to come to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023. Despite Pakistan having the rights to host the Asia Cup 2023, the BCCI said its government has refused to allow its cricket team to travel to Pakistan.

As a result the tournament was scheduled on a hybrid model with 4 matches played in Pakistan and the remaining 9 in Sri Lanka. The report further stated that the PCB officials further recommended that the ICC should form an independent security agency/committee if the BCCI or the Indian government refused to send their team due to security reasons. Who will visit Pakistan and review the security arrangements.

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Despite the reservations about the Pakistan Indian team visiting Pakistan, the fact that Pakistan is safe to travel to cannot be denied. Every major team except India has toured Pakistan in recent years and these tours have been successful without any escort issues. Sources also claimed that shifting the Champions Trophy 2025 to a hybrid model like the Asia Cup 2023 is also a possible option given the condition that the ICC will compensate Pakistan for the losses. Pakistan last hosted a major ICC event in 1996. It will be almost three decades since Pakistan will host a major ICC event in 2025.


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