Had to wash hair with surf and drink coffee made from toilet water in UAE jail: Indian actress Chrisann pereira

Chrisann pereira

The Indian actress Chrisann pereira, who spent almost a month in the United Arab Emirates jail in a drug case, has alleged that in jail she used to wash her hair with a towel and make coffee with toilet water.


According to Indian media, a handwritten note of Indian actress Chrisann pereira, who was recently released from the UAE jail, has come to light and has been shared on Instagram by the actress’ brother.


In her note, the actress wrote that in the UAE prison, she had to wash her hair with surf and drink coffee made from toilet water. In this dirty game, I am just a pawn.

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Chrisann pereira¬† said, “In jail, I had to struggle for 26 days to get a pen and paper. After washing my hair with surf and making coffee with toilet water, I used to watch Bollywood movies, sometimes tears came to my eyes.” That my goals brought me here and I used to laugh at my culture, music and familiar faces on TV, I am proud to be Indian and belong to the film industry.


It may be recalled that Chrisann pereira, who starred in Mahesh Bhatt’s Bollywood film Sadak 2, was stopped at Sharjah Airport after drugs were found in a souvenir item which he said was meant to be given to someone in the UAE. It was said.




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