CSS Officer Bilal Pasha Passed Away of Cardiac Attack

CSS Officer Bilal Pasha Passed Away of Cardiac Attack

Bilal Pasha, a well-known CSS officer from Pakistan, passed away on November 27, 2023, from a sudden cardiac arrest. His premature passing shocked the civil service community and left a legacy of fortitude, devotion, and social impact.

The path of Bilal Pasha started in a small town where his childhood aspirations led to an amazing career. Born in Punjab, Pakistan, he finished his education at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, and scored 47th CTP on the extremely difficult Civil Service of Pakistan exam.

Before he passed away, Bilal Pasha was the chief executive officer of Bannu and had a significant impact on the digital media landscape. His mentorship, friendship, and genuine inspiration within the CSS community were the memories that friends and colleagues held of him.

A laborer’s son young CSS officer Bilal Pasha (47th CTP) died suddenly! In many places, the cause of death is given as suicide. After such a difficult life and so much hard work, when he got that position, the young man embraced death.


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