Finally, Rabi Pirzada finds a buyer for the portrait of Maryam Nawaz!

Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada, a well-known Pakistani calligrapher and former pop star, has finally sold her portrait of a politician Maryam Nawaz. Pirzada had a successful music career, but she eventually left the industry in 2019 and went on to work full-time as a painter.

The 43-year-old self-taught artist recently completed a portrait of Maryam Nawaz, which she hoped would fetch a substantial price when it was sold. With the money she made from selling this portrait, she wanted to assist needy children and orphans. However, she was unsuccessful in finding a buyer until a well-known individual intervened to save the day.

Pirzada had previously lamented the fact that no one would buy Maryam’s portrait from her; however, whenever she painted Imran Khan, the painting would sell out immediately for reasons that were abundantly clear to many.

Rabi Pirzada finds a buyer for the portrait of Maryam Nawaz

The Noor Bibi star was able to find a buyer for the painting and paid PKR 150,000 thanks to YouTuber Yasir Shami. The former pop singer presented the proceeds to the children after expressing gratitude to both the host and the buyer, Irfan. Pirzada was reassured and promised that if she ever required financial support for her foundation, Irfan would be there for her.

Shami was delighted to distribute his commission after witnessing Pirzadad’s generosity.

The Dahdi Kuree singer had previously stated in an interview with Shami that she had priced her Maryam Nawaz portrait at PKR 200,000, but she later agreed to sell it for PKR150,000.

Pirzada has been painting since she was eight years of age. She learned specifics about art from her friend, painter J. Arif, despite the fact that she is self-taught Finally, Rabi Pirzada finds a buyer for the portrait of Maryam Nawaz!.



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