Heavy floods in Chitral; Roads and bridges were destroyed by floods

Heavy floods in Chitral
Photo: Twitter Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Heavy floods in Chitral washed away dozens of houses, destroyed roads and bridge links, forcing hundreds of people to relocate.

8 houses were severely damaged due to Heavy floods in Chitral  Dunin and Koghuzi villages. In Koghuzi, 4 shops, motorcycles and several cattle sheds were washed away in the relay. At Koghuzi, all kinds of traffic has been stopped due to the bridge being swept away.

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The bridge at Kari in Chitral collapsed and fell into the river. The heavy flood swept away the 4 ancient poplar trees of the royal fort of Chitral. According to local sources, the royal fort of Chitral is also expected to be damaged by the flood.

The flood has raised the level of river Chitral to dangerous levels and a large area of ​​Awan town has been submerged. Thousands of acres of land, orchards and standing crops were washed away by the flood. The canal system and roads have been severely damaged. As a result of the floods, there is a risk of increasing the damages.

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Heavy floods in Chitral People have started mass migration in the affected areas.




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