Imran Khan’s legal team allowed the police to conduct a search operation in Zaman Park

 Zaman Park
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Lahore: Police obtained search warrants to search PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s house Zaman Park.


According to the police, an SP rank officer and women police personnel will also be accompanied to search the house, during which the internal and external parts of the house will be searched, while the Commissioner Lahore Division will also be present.


The police have deployed officials outside and inside Imran Khan’s house.

On the other hand: Imran Khan’s legal team also reached Zaman Park, which allowed the police to search the house after seeing the search warrant.


It should be noted that two days ago, the Caretaker Information Minister Aamir Mir had given Imran Khan a 24-hour ultimatum to hand over the people present in Zaman Park to the police, saying that 30 to 40 people who attacked military installations in Lahore were in Zaman Park.

I have taken asylum in Imran Khan’s home and on the off chance that he isn’t given over to the police in the following 24 hours, move will be made.



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