Indian cricket fans threatened to rape and kill Travis Head’s daughter and wife

Indian cricket fans threatened to rape and kill Travis Head's daughter and wife

Ahmedabad: Indian cricket supporters go crazy after the tragic World Cup loss. After the country’s loss in the ICC World Cup 2023 final, Indian cricket fans got it all and threatened to kill and rape Australian batter Travis Head’s daughter and wifeafter he hit a century in the match.

Indian cricket supporters took to social media to criticise the wife and one-year-old daughter of Australian batsman Travis Head, who helped his country win the World Cup, rather than their team’s players for their bad performance.

Crazy cricket fans in India criticised Travis Head, the top player from yesterday’s World Cup, on social media. Worldwide social media users have condemned India’s radical cricket supporters for their shameful threats.

Many cricket fans demanded that social media accounts of people who threatened to rape the Australian cricketer’s Travis Head’s daughter and wife be shut down right away.

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli threatened to “rape” his 10-month-old daughter for showing support for Muslim player Muhammad shami in 2021.

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