Indian Woman Anju, Who Married Facebook Friend in Pakistan, Returns Home to India

Indian Woman Anju, Who Married Facebook Friend in Pakistan, Returns Home to India

Upper Dir: After four months of friendship with him on Facebook, Indian Woman Anju who migrated to Pakistan from India for love by the name Fatima comes back to India recording video of her. Social media spread the message rapidly among people.

Anju said that the days at home in Pakistan were the best while these people are nice and generous towards her in the above viral video in different social media platforms. According to the Indian Woman Anju, today will be my last day in Pakistan and I enjoyed this trip most of all. However i am returning back today, the people of Pakistan are nice and I feel at home in Pakistan; everyone respected and loved me.

Anju states that, whatever part in Pakistan I went, every single soul viewed me as an individual from his/her own family. He also lauded the security measures. “The authorities were civil towards me in spite of me being a foreigner.” Later on, Anju had been sent to India through Wagah border, her Pakistani husband Nasrullah.

Indian media sources as saying that Anju was asked about any contact with Pakistan’s defense agencies or officials, which he vehemently denied.

During interrogation, Anju told the authorities about her program in India and said that she would return to Pakistan and take the children to Pakistan after divorcing her Indian husband, Arvind.

It should be noted that Fatima arrived in Pakistan via Wagah border Lahore on July 22, 2023, after which she got married to Pakistani youth Nasrullah on July 25.

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Anju was married in India and had children, Anju’s ex-husband Arvind said that she had left home on the pretext of going to Jaipur but later the family found out that she was in Pakistan.

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