Journey of Love: Four Foreign Girls reached to KP Pakistan Meet Beloved

Four Foreign Girls reached to KP Pakistan Meet Beloved
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During one month in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Journey of Love: Four Foreign Girls reached to KP Pakistan Meet Beloved.

After Anju and Chinese girl Song Guofing, the marriage talk of a woman named Rusi in Shalabandi area of ​​Bonaire has gone viral on social media.

Facebook friendship between Maryam Bibi and Aizaz Ali turned into marriage On June 27, the 18-year-old man from Bonaire married a 49-year-old woman from Mexico.

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DPO Bonir Shah Hasan told Geo News that a woman named Rusi entered Pakistan from Mexico with complete documents and left Christianity and accepted Islam. was married to Aizaz Ali according to Pashtun traditions and with fanfare.

Four Foreign Girls reached to KP Pakistan Meet Beloved

DPO, Ayesha Bibi left for Mexico on July 19, Ayesha Bibi reached Pakistan on June 17.

The DPO further said that the bridegroom Aizaz Ali has given the matriculation exam, after the result he will also leave for Mexico.

The marriage certificate and other documents received by Geo News, Ayesha Bibi’s age is more than 49 years.

Arrival of Nicola from Chile to Ikram Charsadda

A girl named Nicola from the American city of Chile reached Pakistan and got married to 27-year-old Jawan Ikram of Charsadda.

A 36-year-old girl named Nicola has arrived in Pakistan in love with Ikramullah of Charsadda. Nicola accepted Islam after reaching Charsadda and married Ikram.

Nicola’s husband Ikram says that he befriended American woman Nicola on Tik Tok during Ramadan. Ikramullah Says, they try to understand each other through English language and Google translation.

Ikramullah, Nikola is very happy with the hospitality in the area and wants to stay in Pakistan permanently.

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Lower Dir arrival of Chinese girl for marriage with Pakistani boy

After friendship on social media, the Chinese girl also reached Samarbagh area of ​​Lower Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for marriage.

Speaking to Geo News, District Police Officer Lower Dir Ziauddin said that the Chinese girl had arrived late yesterday with Javed Hashmi, a resident of Bajaur tribal district. Later both have left for Islamabad.

Chinese girl Sun Guofing became friends with Javed Hashmi on social media, both have been in touch for three years and now want to get married.

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Anju of India also came to Pakistan for Upper Dir Nasrullah

Indian girl Anju reached Upper Dir to meet Mehboob Nasrullah after becoming friends on Facebook.



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