Maryam Nawaz interview with Mansoor Ali Khan leaked online

Mansoor Ali Khan

After a leaked video of Maryam Nawaz interview with Mansoor Ali Khan  went viral on social media, the Senior Vice President and Chief Organiser of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is once more in hot water.

On social media, the off-air portion of Maryam’s interview went viral. In it, she asked the production team to stop recording some important questions the host of the show was asking.

The PML-N stalwart also tried to avoid talking about the BMW she got in 2009-10, but it was sold out in 2011-12.
She was also asked by the host whether Saudi Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz gave PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif a Mercedes, which she denied in 2008.

Why did the 1990s gift become clear in 2008?

Mansoor went on to say that during the prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s administration in 2008, regulations and laws were relaxed in favor of Nawaz and the PPP’s co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari.
The senior vice president of the PML-N was then seen asking the cameraman to stop recording and presumably asking her staff to share the facts.

While attempting to quiet the PML-N pioneer, a woman behind the camera can be heard guaranteeing her that the in private discussion wouldn’t be a piece of the meeting.

Maryam informed Mansoor that she was unaware of the actual figures and facts in this regard and that she would investigate the specifics when he shared the specifics of the laws.
Afterward, in a tweet, Maryam protected her activities by saying that she didn’t have the expected data and “didn’t have any desire to say whatever was verifiably wrong”.

Toshakhana under scrutiny Since Khan was ousted from his position as prime minister in April of last year, the topic of toshakhana gifts has been the talk of the town. The Pakistan Democratic Movement-led coalition government and the PTI continue to occasionally exchange barbs regarding the state gift depository.

Under the rules that govern “Toshakhana,” which is a Persian word that means “treasure house,” government officials are allowed to keep gifts that have a low value. However, they are required to pay the government a significantly lower fee for extravagant items.

Since the charges that Khan purchased the presents he got as top state leader for pennies on the dollar and sold them on the open market, the Toshakhana has gone under examination.
It was alleged that the leader of the PTI used his position as premier from 2018 to 2022 to buy and sell gifts in state possession worth more than Rs140 million ($635,000) that he received while traveling abroad.

Maryam Nawaz interview with Mansoor Ali Khan leaked online

Government authorities say that the gifts included watches from an illustrious family. They have previously stated that they were sold in Dubai by Khan’s aides.

The most expensive wristwatch was a “Master Graff limited edition,” which cost Rs85 million ($385,000). Six of the watches were made by Rolex.

Maryam Nawaz’s interview with Mansoor Ali Khan In accordance with Article 63(1)(p) of the Constitution, Khan was disqualified as ordered by the election commission.

In response to the order, the election watchdog requested criminal proceedings against him at the Islamabad Sessions Court. The PTI chief has missed numerous hearings.



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