Mountaineer Naila Kayani begins the advance to summit Broad Peak

Mountaineer Naila Kayani
Source: File photo

Female mountaineer Naila Kayani has started her progress towards summiting Broad Peak in Pakistan.

8051 meters high Broad Peak is the 12th highest peak in the world to reach which Naila Kayani left from the base camp this morning, but now Naila Kayani has reached Camp Two of Broad Peak at 6100 meters.

Pakistani female mountaineer will reach the Broad Peak summit in the next 2 days, Broad Peak is Naila Kayani’s 8th climb above 8000 meters.

Naila Kayani will become the first Pakistani woman to top all the “8 thousands” in Pakistan. Mountaineer Naila Kayani has previously climbed K2, Gesherburm 1, Gesherburm 2 and Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, besides, Naila has also climbed Everest, Annapurna and Lhotse in Nepal.

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