Nokia Is Ready To Launch A 4G Network On The Moon.

The technology giant Nokia is getting ready to construct a 4G cellular connection on the moon in order to advance scientific research there. According to a Nokia executive, the grounded networks would help meet the communication needs of upcoming space missions.


The company has released information indicating that Nokia is preparing to launch a 4G mobile connection on the moon in the near future. The smartphone manufacturer will launch the network by the end of 2023, according to a CNBC report, to help astronauts who are already on a mission and facilitate more lunar discoveries.


The technology company will launch the infrastructure on a SpaceX rocket in the coming months, according to recent reports.  It will be accompanied by a rover powered by solar energy. Nokia Is Ready To Launch A 4G Network On The Moon.


As per the source that was counseled, the LTE interface between the wanderer and the lander would be laid out soon. The most recent version of the 4G mobile network will be used on the upcoming NASA Artemis 1 mission, which will take humans to the moon’s surface for the first time since 1972.



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