Pakistan may decide not to participate in Asia Cup2023, Indian media

Asia Cup2023
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Asia Cup2023; Due to the Indian Cricket Board’s resistance and the Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) rejection of the hybrid model, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) can decide not to participate in the Asia Cup.


The hybrid model put out by the PCB won’t be supported by Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Afghanistan, according to sources in Indian media. As a result, it’s anticipated that Pakistan may opt not to compete in the Asia Cup2023, which is set to take place in September of this year.

Reports have said that after not agreeing to the proposal of hybrid model in the meeting after the IPL final, now Asian Cricket Council (ACC) president Jay Shah will say in a formal discussion in the next meeting that the Asia Cup will be shifted to Sri Lanka. is being done.

The PCB is not interested in staging the tournament outside of Pakistan since it would impede the return of international cricket to the country.

It should be mentioned that the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) had declined to send its team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup2023. The legislation will have an impact on his efforts.

Pakistan had presented the option of hosting the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates by presenting a hybrid model, which was rejected.

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On the other hand, if Pakistan does not participate in the Asia Cup, there is a possibility that the broadcasters will be backed off because of the huge amount of money due to Pakistan-India matches.




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