Pakistani equestrian Usman Khan has qualified for the Paris Olympics

Pakistani equestrian Usman Khan has qualified for the Paris Olympics
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Pakistani equestrian Usman Khan has qualified for the Paris Olympics, he achieved this milestone in the event held in Ireland.

In Ireland, Osman achieved the FES Olympic qualification standard.

Born in Lahore, Usman Khan achieved this qualification with his horse Miraj. He participated in various events in Europe for Olympic qualification including events in Switzerland, France, Poland, Germany and Belgium.

Usman Khan is currently staying in France to prepare for the Paris Olympics. This is the second time in a row that Usman Khan has qualified for the Olympics.

He had also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, but before the Olympics he met with an accident in which he was seriously injured and his horse was killed.

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Usman Khan will compete in the Equestrian Olympics in “eventing”, which tests the skills of both horse and rider for cross-country, show jumping and dressage, so his qualification is also a pair of horse and rider. It happens as

However, riders can also nominate a backup horse.

Usman Khan said in a conversation with Geo News that it is a great opportunity for Pakistan to qualify for the Olympics once again.

He said that the important thing is to maintain this standard in the next 12 months, for which it is necessary to participate in maximum competitions and also keep a backup horse ready.

Usman Khan said that if the funding amount decided by him is released, it will be easier for them to maintain this standard which will be very useful for Pakistan in the Paris Olympics.

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It should be noted that Usman Khan had also qualified for the Asian Games, but the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan did not confirm his entry in time, due to which he missed the participation in the event in China.




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