PTI worker Ali Bilal died in read accident, not while in police custody: Moshin Naqvi

Syed Mohsin Naqvi, Punjab’s interim chief minister, stated on Saturday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)worker Ali Bilal did not pass away while in police custody.

The chief minister shed light on the March 8 protest that resulted in the death of Ali Bilal when he gave a speech in Lahore to a news conference

Naqvi said the episode of death of any resident is certainly not a customary one and the PTI specialist didn’t bite the dust because of viciousness.

The central clergyman expressed that the PTI specialist’s demise was the consequence of a traffic episode yet the party chiefs actually throwing allegations at him.

We are not involved in politics. I didn’t want to talk, but people are making false accusations against me,” he continued.

He revealed that the father of Ali Bilal was offered Rs10 million in exchange for fabricating evidence against him.

As the death investigation continued, IGP Usman Anwar stated that those responsible for the PTI worker’s death would be punished.

The IGP stated that the body of PTI worker Ali Bilal was transported to Services Hospital in a vehicle at 6:52 p.m., and the driver of the vehicle was identified as Jahanzeb. The IGP also stated that the individuals who have been arrested in connection with this homicide will be brought to court.

Mohammad Jahanzeb Nawaz, a private company driver, claimed that he and his friends were driving from Fortress Stadium to Mall Road when they were struck by a man. He claimed that they brought him to the CMH quickly, but they later moved him to the Services Hospital, where doctors said the injured man died. He claimed that he reported the entire incident to his employer, PTI central Punjab leader Raja Shakeel Zaman.

Mohsin Shah, a member of the PTI, claimed in a video statement that he and other party activists, including Ali Bilal alias Zille Shah, were detained by police on March 8. He claimed that one of them asked the police to stop the vehicle while they were on their way to Fortress Stadium in a police van. He stated that all party employees dispersed after getting out of the vehicle.

The internet is also seeing another video of a PTI worker Ali Bilal died in read accident, not while in police custody: Moshin Naqvi

The PTI claimed that during the standoff at Zaman Park on Wednesday, Punjab police killed its employee Ali Bilal, also known as Zille Shah.

The Punjab Home Department imposed Section 144 for seven days in Lahore on Wednesday, citing serious security threats. The conflicts happened as police endeavored to disturb the social occasion of the PTI laborers at PTI Executive Imran Khan’s Zaman Park home.

The victim’s body bore 26 marks of torture, according to the report that came out of his postmortem.

After that, the head of the PTI posted a video of Bilal being taken away in a police van, claiming that he had died while being held by the police.

On Thursday, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Imran Kashore and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Elite Force Sadiq Ali established a committee to investigate Bilal’s death.



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