Respect for the hijab girl, Shah Rukh Khan won the hearts of the fans


Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, a well-known Bollywood actor, showed his brilliance by respect to the hijab girl.

A video is viral on Instagram in which a boy and three girls come on stage to meet Shah Khan.

Two of these three girls hug Shah Rukh Khan, while the hijab girl stood far away smiling, at which point Shah Rukh Khan greeted her from a distance.

Shah Rukh Khan‘s recent interaction with the Muslim girl in hijab at an event has once again highlighted his qualities as a true gentleman and a role model for his fans.

In response to which the girl put her hand on her chest and smiled at the reaction, on this viral video users are praising Shahrukh a lot, they say that the actor is not only a good hearted person but he always respects women. And the proof is visible in this video.



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