Rumour Has Naseem Shah got Nikkahfied?

Following the Pakistani pacer’s Instagram post about sitting with elderly family members, rumor has it that Naseem Shah is getting married.

“Blessed with the best, Alhamdulillah” was the caption that appeared on her Instagram story.

Some people on social media thought that Naseem’s picture was an announcement of her marriage, even though nothing was clear.

Naseem Shah, on the other hand, has denied the rumors in another social media post, stating that “The last picture I posted was not about getting Engaged or Nikkahfied.”

“You don’t have to start a relationship or anything just because you say “blessed.” With my family, it was only a straightforward Iftar picture,” he proceeded.

Naseem stated earlier this year at a Karachi event that his family would decide on his marriage.



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