The Green Revolution project of the Prime Minister costs 5 billion.

Green Revolution project
Source: express News

Islamabad: The Green Revolution project of the prime minister would cost 5 billion rupees over a period of three years.

The Green Revolution project of the Prime Minister will be implemented across the entirety of Pakistan; it will be carried out under the supervision of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council; additional equipment will be purchased for the project through private entrepreneurs; and money for the project will be made available through the Federal Development Program.

A total of 5 billion rupees will be spent during the course of the Prime Minister Green Revolution Project’s three-year timeline, which ends on June 30, 2026.

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The Saber Revolution initiative has selected 24 projects in total. 3000 farmers will receive Rs 70 crore annually to purchase 200 apricot solar dryers, and 500 farmers will receive Rs 1 crore annually to purchase 50 date solar dryers.



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