1000 Women soldier in Indian Army Share Stories of Sexual Abuse

1000 Women soldier in Indian Army Share Stories of Sexual Abuse
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New Delhi: In the Indian Army, women officers are not protected by their seniors. During the last 3 years, 123 women officials have complained of sexual harassment and abuse.

In India, cases of sexual abuse of women keep coming up day by day, on which the international media has also declared India as an unsafe country for women, but now it has been revealed that women are not safe even in the Indian Army.

In this regard, the Deputy Commandant of the Tibet Border Police, Karanjit Kaur, had told in 2019 that women officers are recruited in Indian forces to please the male officers.

1000 Women soldier in Indian Army Share Stories of Sexual Abuse More shocking revelations about sexual abuse of women officials have come to light in India. Since 2007, there have been 1,243 incidents of sexual assault on women personnel in the Indian Army.

Between 2015 and 2017, more than a dozen female officers claimed to have been molested by senior officers, while in 2021, a female Indian Air Force pilot filed a complaint of harassment and sexual assault against a senior squadron leader.

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However, the claimant of the so-called secular state, India, instead of providing justice, posted the victim woman pilot in a remote area to cover up the incident.

This was not the first incident; in 2005, Squadron Leader Anjali Gupta was suspended on the complaint of Air Marshal Anil Chopra.

Also, in 2007, Captain Neha Rawat filed a complaint against Major General AK Lal, while in 2008, Captain Poonam Kaur was court-martialled on a complaint of gang rape against senior officers.

Similarly, in 2010, Major Megha Gupta claimed to have sexually assaulted Colonel Anuradh Mishra, but the Indian Army let Colonel Mishra off with just a formal warning.

In 2014, the wife of serving officer Colonel Ajit Kumar had accused Brigadier Jai Singh of sexual blackmail and on his refusal, Station Commander Brigadier Jai Singh made Colonel Ajit Kumar vacate the official house.

In a tragic incident, Lt. Sushmita Chakraborty committed suicide in 2006, just 10 months after her commission, fed up with constant sexual harassment by her commanding officer.

In another incident of suicide, Major Anita Kumari, a victim of sexual harassment, ended her life by shooting herself in December 2016.

In October 2019, Lt. Rashmi Mishra committed suicide by making a noose of a dupatta in Pune, fed up with continuous sexual harassment, and this year also in Bathinda, a female soldier shot and killed 4 officers after being sexually assaulted.

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Indian military officers and personnel are not only involved in sexual abuse of female personnel in their own country but also bring the country into disrepute abroad.

Indian soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Congo were found involved in sexual exploitation while 3 Indian officers were sentenced to prison for sexually abusing a woman in South Africa.




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