105 marriages by fraud, world record set Giovanni Vigliotto

The Guinness Book of World Records listed US citizen Giovanni Vigliotto as the man with the most marriages, fraudulently marrying 104 or 105 women.


Amazingly, Viglietto never divorced either of them while neither woman knew anything about the other.

According to Jang newspaper, the American citizen would make a new victim every time and after marrying the women, they would take away their wealth.

From 1949 to 1981, Vigilio conducted these marriages in 27 US states and 14 other countries using false identities.

Giovanni Vigliotto was not his real name, but he assumed it when he married his last wife.

Vigilio would usually propose marriage to women at the first meeting at flea markets. He would marry immediately thereafter, and after each marriage, Vigilio would abscond with his new wife’s money and other valuables.

He would tell the women that he lived far away and tell them to pack their belongings, after which he would flee in a truck and disappear. He would sell the goods in the scrap market where he would find new prey.


His last victim was Sharon Clark, a manager at a flea market in Indiana, who stalked him and arrested him on December 28, 1981.




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