A strong earthquake in Morocco magnitude 6.8, killing more than 300 people

earthquake in Morocco
Photo: Aljazeera News

Rabat: A devastating earthquake in Morocco triggered a minor apocalypse in Morocco. The natural disaster has killed over 300 individuals and injured over 150 more.

A severe earthquake in Morocco with a magnitude of 6.8 was registered, according to international news organizations, shaking buildings and burying hundreds of people under rubble. According to authorities, the historic structures in the region were reduced to rubble. According to preliminary accounts, more than 300 people have died and more than 150 have been injured.

After the earthquake, relief work began in the affected districts, but the communication system was severely damaged. Due to power failures, areas were plunged into darkness, forcing terrified inhabitants to spend the night in open spaces and on roadways.

The US Geological Survey, the severe earthquake in Morocco Atlas Mountains, with the epicenter 75 kilometers southwest of Morocco. The subsurface depth measured 18.5 kilometers. Aftershocks from the earthquake are still occurring.

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On the other side, earthquake vibrations were detected in Algeria, Morocco’s neighboring country.




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