Aliza Sehar Wedding Pictures and Videos Go Viral on Social Media.

Aliza Sehar Wedding

The controversy of a famous YouTuber Aliza sehar wedding after leaked videos.

Digital creator who is known for a Village lifestyle, cooking Videos Punjab desi cultures was victimized after his video recording of the video call goes viral. With the video leak taking over the internet, some argued that she did it only to become famous.

After the video leak scandal, Aliza Sehar got married in a private wedding.



However, Aliza Sehar Wedding Pictures and Videos made its goes viral on internet. In the occasion, Aliza chose a colorful tribal outfit while the groom wore plain bride outfit.

According to reports, the first condition is that the husband will pay a fine of Rs 2 crore on divorce, Aliza will live with her parents and will continue vlogging and give her earnings only to her parents.

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