Video: Ananya Pandey’s Unique Purse Talks, Photographer Called Balti

Ananya Pandey

Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey’s unique purse recently became the center of attention, not only pictures but also videos of which are going viral.


Indian paparazzi (photojournalists) often use certain words or actions to get the attention of the artistes in such a way that the celebrities are forced to respond or react to them, something similar happened in Ananya’s case.


A fashion gala event in Mumbai on Sunday was attended by several stars, including Ananya, the actress in a flamboyant pink blazer, whether or not she stole the show, but her purse was the focus of attention.

On the red carpet, Ananya Pandey posed and took pictures, later when she started to go to the venue, a photographer called her purse as a ‘bucket’ which made not only the other cameramen but also the actress herself laugh.

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The video also drew interesting comments from fans, with one wondering what would end up in this purse, while another fan said, ‘It’s a bucket of dal takke, carry it when you go.’ .




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