At Islamabad Airport, a foreign Airline plane came dangerously close to an accident.

At Islamabad Airport, a foreign Airline plane from a foreign airline narrowly escaped an accident.

Sources say that during landing, the tail of the flight from Doha to Islamabad hit the runway, preventing the plane from landing on its first attempt.


According to sources, the plane’s tail struck the runway when the pilot took off.
According to sources, an investigation was initiated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board, and the aircraft was grounded at Islamabad Airport while the investigation was underway.


Then again, the representative of the Common Aeronautics Authority (CAA) said that the pilot chose to postpone the main arrival because of solid breezes, the pilot liked “go-around” over temperamental landing and informed the pinnacle, the second time the plane landed securely. Upon landing, scratches were discovered on the aircraft’s tail during inspection.


The pilot’s blood and urine were taken in accordance with SOPs, according to the CAA spokesperson, and the airline moved all passengers to hotels.



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