Jamshed Dasti’s Serious Allegations Raid My Wife Was Stripped Naked

Jamshed Dasti's Serious Allegations  Raid My Wife Was Stripped Naked

Jamshed Dasti, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, says that during the raid at home, my wife was stripped naked, the 10-month-old baby Zaro was crying, the cruelty has come to an end, I have gone mad, I want to die.

While making a manual video, Jamshed cried while appealing to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action.

Jamshed Dasti said in his video message that today intelligence agencies and CTD people entered Zafar Colony Jhang Road Muzaffargarh and they showed great cruelty and brutality, they exposed my wife and tortured her. They have killed the children, my little one is ten months old, he has been screaming, they have held us hostage for three or four hours and shown complete hooliganism and insolence’.

Jamshed Dasti said that they took mobile phones, broke cameras, there were 30 or 40 cars, they took Changi Chowk hostage, they also raided the houses of my friends.

He further said that I have been fighting their bullying for the last nine months, today it has reached its peak.

Addressing the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Jamshed Dasti said, ‘By God, I am a Pakistani, I cannot imagine such a great cruelty, I have been abused so much, my crime is that I stand with this country. , I stand with this nation, I come from a working class, my sin is that we are Imran Khan’s comrades’.

He said that there was a case against me, I got bail from Multan bench, after that I got interim bail from Muzaffargarh.

He said, After what they did tonight, my mind has stopped working. I say to my tribe, to my voters, come together for God’s sake, we have lost our dignity.

Jamshed Dasti said that “these secret agencies are showing extreme indifference by putting these Vigos”.

They said that there is nothing left, now I want to die, kill me, shoot me. I want to fight. He said that my house has been respected, the four walls have been respected, I want to accept the bullet.

Jamshed Dasti said that ‘For God’s sake, Chief Justice, the election has been drowned, the election has been destroyed, the election has become a victim of hooliganism, they have rejected the papers of all our people, they have done bullying, now our Homes are not safe from them, shoot us for God’s sake’.