Before to the Minar-e-Pakistan power show, PTI leaders was arrested and critical Lahore roads were sealed.

LAHORE –Minar-e-Pakistan jalsa The Punjab government has erected containers in various parts of the city, presumably to prevent Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leaders and employees from attending the party’s highly anticipated power show in the provincial capital.

Prior to the Minar-e-Pakistan rally, the police raided the homes of several PTI leaders and workers, shut down several arterial roads in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, and detained numerous activists in the province.

Courses from Information Darbar to Minar-e-Pakistan were shut by putting holders while hindrances were mounted close to Shah Alam Market Chowk, Lahore Rail route Station, Rang Mahal, and Taxali Door. Containers were also used to close Shahdara Chowk and Ravi Bridge.

Usman Dar’s Sialkot residence was raided by police parties, but he escaped. Previous associate supporter general Punjab Mian Shakeel likewise figured out how to evade police in the midst of a continuous crackdownBefore to the Minar-e-Pakistan power show, PTI leaders was arrested and critical Lahore roads were sealed. .

In Lahore, a late-night raid on the homes of Mian Abid Ali and Waqar Zulfiqar Bhatti continued a similar campaign against workers and leaders of the former ruling party.

Imran Khan, the defiant leader and Chairman of the PTI, announced that a rally would be held tonight at Minar-e-Pakistan in the midst of the crackdown. The former premier stated in a social media post that the authorities would attempt to erect any number of obstacles to prevent large numbers of people from attending the PTI gathering, but urged people to attend despite these obstacles.

Our sixth jalsa at Minar in Pakistan will be held tonight, and my heart tells me that it will break all records. I’m welcoming everybody in Lahore to go to after Tarawih supplications.



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