BJP member Jadab Lal Nath watched obscene film in Parliament; The video went viral

India : a video of a member of Parliament of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  Jadab Lal Nath watching an obscene film has gone viral on social media.

Indian media reports say that BJP MP Jadab Lal Nath is watching pornographic videos at the state budget meeting.

His fellow members caught Lal Nath watching porn, which he reported to the Speaker. Lal Nath, a BJP MLA, was warned by the Speaker, but he left the Parliament without apologies or explanation.

India Today reports that individuals on Indian social media are requesting Lal Nath’s arrest and an investigation.

Conversely, resistance pioneer Animesh Diparma has expressed that this MP’s activities have defamed all authorities in the country who are like him.

Mumbai: The head of foul movies, Rajkundra’s business partner, was captured. He stated that the use of cellphones in such gatherings is categorically denied.


Biswabindu Sen, Speaker of Parliament, affirmed that he has not yet gotten a grievance in regards to the episode.


He expressed that he was unable to remark without an authority objection on the grounds that the issue had spread through web-based entertainment. They will conduct an investigation and follow the rules if they receive a complaint.



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