Bol News taken off the air for broadcasting disputes  judiciary complex despite a PEMRA ban.

Channel reported that Bol News, a major private news channel, was taken off the air for broadcasting violent clashes between Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf workers and Islamabad police at the Judicial Complex.

After it aired violent clashes in which several PTI workers and police officers were injured, the channel was reportedly taken off the air.


On Saturday, the country’s media guard dog forewarned all news and current issues media to prevent live inclusion from outside the Legal Complex however the confidential news channel, a known pundit of the occupant government, kept telecom the circumstance live, provoking PEMRA’s activity.


The media regulator had previously stated that live coverage of violent clashes involving law enforcement caused panic among officers and could worsen the situation.


wherein [a] violent mob used petrol bombs, injuring [unarmed] policemen and blazing police vehicles.” This occurred during a standoff between political party workers and law enforcing agencies.



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