bride wedded her father-in-law while the groom fled the wedding.

 bride wedded her father-in-law while the groom fled the wedding.
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Indonesia: A wedding ceremony in Indonesia took a strange turn when the groom did not come on time and after a long wait, the bride’s father-in-law presented himself, after which the bride agreed to marry.

Wedding is one of the most beautiful days in a man’s life but on August 29, 2023, in a village in Jakotamo, Indonesia, this day turned into a sad moment. According to the media, a young girl named ‘SA’ was the bride. She had been talking to her future husband for several months.

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Apparently everything was fine but the groom disappeared just in time for his wedding and only told close friends that the wedding was cancelled. On the other hand, the poor girl had prepared the equipment for dowry etc. with great difficulty and life’s savings had been spent on the ceremony, on the other hand the guests had also arrived. On this occasion, the bride’s father-in-law offered his marriage to the girl’s family, which was accepted. In this way, the husband’s father-in-law married a woman named SA.

 bride wedded her father-in-law while the groom fled the wedding.

The girl’s brother, Vastu Ahmed, told reporters that his sister had married the father of the absconding boy. The boy’s father said that lakhs of rupees had been spent on the ceremony and there was uncertainty in the air and hence he decided to go ahead with the marriage.

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People on social media have expressed mixed reactions to this news. According to them, this is a money-saving strategy. While some people have shown sympathy for the bride who had to make such a big compromise.




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