Chairlift stuck on river Chitral due to broken rope 3 persons rescued

Chairlift stuck on river Chitral
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CHITRAL: Chairlift stuck on river Chitral got stuck due to a broken rope, the disaster team rescued three people after a 45-minute struggle.

Express News Report, in Upper Chitral, there has been an incident of entrapment of a chairlift operating at Koragh on the Chitral river in which three persons got trapped due to rope breakage.

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Bilal Ahmed Faizi, the spokesman of the aid organization, the disaster team of Rescue 1122 reached the spot on the report of the chair liftman being trapped and the team started rescue activities in a professional manner. Reached the dolly while rappelling with the help of

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According to the spokesman, the disaster official tied the dolly with a rope while rappelling, the rescue personnel reached the bank by rappelling and pulled the dolly to the bank.

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The spokesman, the operation of Rescue 1122 continued for 45 minutes in which all the trapped people were taken out safely due to timely assistance.





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