Dramas based on abuse should be banned, Nadia Afghan

Nadia Afghan
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Lahore: The senior actress of Pakistan showbiz, Nadia Afghan, demanded a ban on dramas based on abuse.


Recently, Nadia Afghan participated in an interview where she expressed her views on the issues and dramas related to showbiz.

Nadia Afghan said that in today’s dramas, it is being shown that the boy is crazy about the girl, he is going around pretending to be Kabir Singh and expressing love to her by forcing and misbehaving, such love is not love.

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The actress said that such dramas promoting domestic violence should be banned. He said that such drama are giving wrong message to our young generation.

The host asked Nadia that if she had to go on a world tour, who would she like to go with? On which the actress took the name of Meera Ji. Nadia Afghan said that she loves Meera ji very much because she is a very good person.

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