YouTuber’s question to Sunita Marshall; Criticism of Overseas Pakistanis: What is happening on social media?

 Sunita Marshall
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TV and film actors in Pakistan are in the news for their artistic talent. But sometimes due to viral videos on social media, they also become a topic of discussion.


This week, two such incidents took place after which reactions were seen from the users and artists on social media. One of these cases was the question of famous model and actress Sunita Marshall about her religion by YouTuber Nadir Ali, while the other was a discussion about Pakistanis living abroad by a guest in the private TV channel Dunya News’ program ‘Mazaq Raat’. was of

Sunita Marshall thanked those who spoke in her favor in a statement on social media. Also, he requested the users not to harass Nadir Ali.

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She added that she hoped that future interviewers would refrain from asking such personal questions.

Mazzaq Raat host Wasee Chaudhry also apologized for the joke on his show, while model Sara Neelam, who spoke about Pakistanis living abroad, described the joke in the show as scripted. Diya and said that she apologizes for her statement.

What question did Nadir Ali ask Sunita Marshall?

This week, Pakistani YouTuber and prankster Nadir Ali invited model and actress Sunita Marshall to a podcast. Sunita Marshall answered most of the questions in this podcast brilliantly, but the expression on her face after one question showed that she didn’t like the question.

Host Nadir Ali asked Sunita Marshall about her and her children’s religion. Sunita Marshall is a Christian and her husband actor Hasan Ahmed is a Muslim.

Nader asked Sunita Marshall, which religion do your children follow and when are you entering the circle of Islam? In response to this question, Sunita Marshall said that the children believe in Islam, while at present I have no intention to convert and there is no pressure from Hasan either.

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Later, Nadir Ali said, “That is your will. May Allah guide you when you wish.” Sunita Marshall was visibly uncomfortable during the YouTuber’s question.

Such a question in the podcast created a storm on social media and co-actors and users slammed Nadir Ali.

Actress Nadia Afgan praised Sunita Marshall and said that her handling of this kind of question is remarkable. He called Nadir Ali a ‘foolish’.

VJ Anush Ashraf also objected to such questions and said that despite the host’s childish question, Sunita Marshall’s questioning of her is a sign of a mature person.


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Talks about Pakistanis living abroad

On the other hand, the host of Dunya News’ program ‘Mazaq Raat’ Vasay Chaudhry apologized for the viral clip of his show in which the guest model Sara Neelam talked about Pakistanis living abroad.

In this show, Sara Neelam was invited along with the famous politician Aitzaz Ahsan, in which in response to a question, Sara said, “Outside the Pakistani country, even if you wash the toilet, but come back to your country, wear cotton shalwar.” By wearing a kurta, one becomes respectable.”

 In response to this statement, comedian Qaiser Pia, who participated in the program, tried to make everyone laugh by throwing a joke, but later when this video went viral, people demanded a boycott of the program.

Later, the host of the program  Vasay Chaudhry took to social media and apologized to all the people.

Appreciating the services and sacrifices of Pakistanis living abroad, he wrote in this apology that ‘mistakes are made by ourselves.’

After this explanation, Sara Neelam’s video also came out in which she apologized to Overseas Pakistanis for her statement.

Apart from this, actress Urwa Hussain got angry over the statement of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan about showbiz personalities.

On June 12, a statement by Reham Khan came out on Twitter in which he said that Overseas Pakistanis should not use Pakistan only for shopping for wedding couples, come here and invest in local communities and pay their dues. should do.

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He had further said that people living outside Pakistan who do not want to leave their jobs there and come to Pakistan, they have no right to become experts on everything happening in Pakistan without knowing the ground realities.

He said that showbiz personalities in Pakistan look good only to the extent of posters because they have not lived the life of ordinary people, so they should not talk about the country’s issues.

In response to Reham Khan’s tweet, actress Urwa Hussain not only reacted aggressively, but also expressed her disappointment over such comments against showbiz personalities.


He said that he agreed with the first part of Reham Khan’s statement but as soon as he read the ‘celebrities’ thing, he was not released because Reham Khan may have forgotten that the reason for Pakistan’s lack of infrastructure is Most people in showbiz start from scratch.

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He said that only artists know about the kind of difficulties faced by artists due to lack of industry. Talking about Reham Khan’s past, he said that he also started his career as a child actor on PTV, so speaking against showbiz people does not flatter him.

He also said that Reham Khan himself is an overseas Pakistani, so he too should not discuss politics and if he has to raise any question, raise it without using showbiz persons.




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