European Film Festival 2023 held in Islamabad

European Film Festival 2023
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The event of European Film Festival 2023 was held at Pakistan National Council of Arts and Black Hole in Islamabad, which continued till today.


Organized by Olomopolo Media, the festival showcased European cinema and included workshops attended by filmmakers, actors and cinema enthusiasts, reported Dawn newspaper.

EU Ambassador Dr Reena Cuenca inaugurated the second edition of the European Film Festival 2023, which will be held in 4 other cities.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Reena Cuenca said that during the next month we will experience European cinema-like productions like short and feature films.


He said that in today’s modern age where we can enjoy entertainment at home thanks to online streaming services, the idea of ​​going to the cinema to watch a movie seems old fashioned, but I believe that cinema is our own. The effect shows when friends and strangers enjoy a movie together on a big screen in one room’.

 He added that in the European Union we support film-making to address important issues like these that our society is facing.

European Film Festival 2023 held in Islamabad

He said that the films shown in the festival are not only good films, but they have a social message along with the importance of gender equality, fostering relations between races, promoting human rights, combating climate change and many more. Something is involved.

The screening on the first day included short films, documentaries on various topics.

The festival also discussed ‘The Democratization of Traditional Media at the Hands of Social Media’, with some representatives moderated by Tamkunat Mansoor to discuss this topic. Among them were famous actors Sarmad Khost, Sania Saeed and Saeem Sadiq.

European Film Festival 2023 held in Islamabad
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Sania Saeed said that we are seeing that people are learning to use their voice politically and culturally and they understand the power of their voice.

He observes that in non-democratic cultures, when tools that may have a democratic effect are introduced, their effect is initially negative because these tools have been used for generation after generation to express anger. .

Social media is considered a great resource, especially in cultures where creativity or expression is limited or suppressed, he said.

He added that while social media is a broad canvas, the messaging also has to be expanded.

Award-winning filmmaker Kanwal Khost conducted a master class for Pakistani filmmakers to learn how to craft creative narratives.

The second day of the festival saw the screening of the award-winning animated feature film ‘Even Mice Belong in Heaven’, about a mouse and a fox, about how the two enemies meet after an accident. As best friends become, this movie is the perfect entertainment for young children who believe in the power of friendship.

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A film that is also about the quest for hope, love and courage, and overcoming prejudices and old grief.

Talha Mufti from Olomopolo said that we are partnering with the European Union delegation in Pakistan for the second time to bring this festival to the local people.

European Film Festival 2023 He said that this festival will also be held in Islamabad, Multan, Gilgit, Peshawar and Quetta.

It should be noted that the European Union Film Festival is organized worldwide by the Film Library, which is curated by film critics and professionals from across Europe.

From this library, Olomopolo’s team selected the films they thought would be most interesting to Pakistanis.




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