Why Do Most People Fail to Get Good Relationships in Pakistan? Results came out in the survey

Why Do Most People Fail to Get Good Relationships in Pakistan?

The most important contributor to lack of appropriate Good Relationships in Pakistan has been assessed by the Institute for Public Opinion and Research and it was revealed that unemployment plays a major role.

A survey was done by a public in Pakistan and out of the total population, 84% said they do friend and relatives approach for relationships, 13% mentioned taking up match-makers and another 1% stated using relationships applications and the internet. 

Out of the people who did not get any Good Relationships in Pakistan, 41 percent mentioned the reason as being “unemployment”, 17 percent blamed it on the factor called “not having enough education” and another interesting fact is 15 percent of the respondents stated that there were are

The men answered On average 25%  that they desired good educational background of Girl, while 21% mentioned that their top criteria was fair complexion and beauty Girls. . Only 6% percent said they see how religious the girl is.

The women wished for in an ideal partner, 40 percent of women surveyed preferred a man with good paychecks, another 8 percent preferred a guy who owns a house, while another 4 percent settled for men without any family responsibilities. that only 3 percent of the girls demanded that the boy be religious.

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