Govt Announced Hajj policy 2024, Short Duration Hajj Package for 2024

Hajj policy 2024

Caretaker Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed announced the Hajj policy 2024.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed said that we worked for 3 months on pakistan  Hajj policy 2024, we wanted to receive the prayers of pilgrims, the Prime Minister guided us in this regard, the Saudi government also fully supported the Hajj policy 2024, yesterday. This Haj policy has been approved by the cabinet.

He said that it has never happened that the upcoming Hajj is cheaper than the next year, the last Hajj was for 11 lakh 75 thousand rupees, this year it will be 10 lakh 75 thousand rupees. Ticket discount will be returned to pilgrims, 90 thousand pilgrims will be provided with suitcase qrcode, all kinds of information about pilgrims will be provided on QR code.

The caretaker federal minister said that the Hajj of 2024 will be digitized, the pilgrims will be given a mobile application, they will not get lost, the application will run even if the network is down, during the Hajj, a Hajj will be able to make countless calls to Pakistan, every Hajj. will have 7GB internet package, like Malaysian women, Pakistani women will also give abaya with national flag to Hajj.

Introduc Short Duration Hajj Package for 2024

Aneeq Ahmed further said that this year short duration Hajj has also been introduced, pilgrims in short Hajj will return after performing Hajj in 20 or 21 days, there will be no lottery in sponsors scheme, if pilgrims want to stay in Madinah for 4 days instead of 8. Another 30 to 35 thousand rupees will be reduced.

The caretaker minister said that an option of complaint was also kept in the digital app, if a pilgrim has a complaint, he will be able to file a complaint directly from the Hajj application, as soon as this complaint is filed, action will be taken. Will not be compromised.

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The caretaker minister said that the Saudi government has also included Karachi in the Road Makkah project, and has requested to include other cities including Lahore in this program.


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