Government Extends Deadline for Sponsorship Program Hajj Applications

The deadline for submitting sponsorship Hajj Applications for the Hajj has been extended, according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

The Ministry has extended the deadline for submitting sponsorship applications for Hajj 2023 to April 7, according to the most recent announcement.

Prospective pilgrims have until April 7 to submit their applications. The Service has likewise guided all unfamiliar missions to convey the expansion in the cutoff time of sponsorship the Hajj plan to abroad Pakistanis.

The official notice can be found here.

The Ministry has only issued a notification without specifying whether the balloting date for the government-sponsored Hajj will be altered, leaving prospective Hajj pilgrims in a bind.

The date of the balloting was previously announced to be April 5. If the regular and sponsorship schemes are to be combined, the Ministry will soon announce a new balloting date.

The Religious Affairs Minister announced a package price increase of Rs. this year, resulting in a significant increase in the annual Hajj pilgrimage cost. 350,000. As a result, Pakistan’s official Hajj costs have exceeded Rs. 1.175 million, a substantial rise over the expense of Rs. 826,000 in the previous year.

The flood in costs can be credited to worldwide expansion, expanded housing rates, and expanded food costs.




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