Hania Aamir disclosed her involvement with Babar Azam.

Hania Aamir disclosed her involvement with Babar Azam.

Hania Aamir, a well known and beautiful Pakistani actress spoke out about the rumor that she was involved in an adulterous affair with Babar Azam who is captain of the national cricket team.

There’s a viral video going around the trend on different social media platforms, that’s been edited using the clips from Hania and Babar Azam  separate interviews.

The interview features Hania and Babar  commending one another. One of their trips in a vehicle has been captured on camera as well.

Osama Ali’s most famous track “Chal Chal To Aapni, Main Tujje Prajak Lana Gaa,” also the background music video clippings of Hania  and Babar Azam .

When the video became a trend on social sites, people tagged his name into it while others called him ‘Babbhii’.
Hania Aamir’s Instagram post, users comments on captain Babar .


However, Hania could not bear the words of trolls anymore and eventually spoke about the news regarding her relationship with Babar.

Hania Aamir reacted on social media and said, “Babar is a brother, Bro”.

All fans who wanted to see Hania  and Babar  together had their hearts broken by the actress’ response.

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