Erica Robin First Ever Pakistani in Miss Universe 2023 Competition

Erica Robin

A global beauty pageant is underway in the Central American country of El Salvador. Pakistani beauty queen Erica Robin splashed cultural colors on the ramp.

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant is participating 90 women worldwide. This annual competition is participated by women and involves evaluating them based on aspects like their beauty, intelligence, professional life and social work.

This year, 24-year-old model Erica Robin from Pakistan has also participated. At Miss Universe 2023, Pakistan’s Erica Robin started the style game.

Pakistani beauty queen Erica Rabin entertained the audience with her charming presence on the ramp and stunning national costumes.

She chose an outfit that represented the glorious colors of Pakistan’s culture and history, and the audience applauded the model.

For the national wear segment, Erica opted for a khadi design dress named ‘Pahchan’, which translates to ‘Identity’ in English, reports Tribune.

The caption elaborated on the significance of the costumes and highlighted Erica’s mission to celebrate Pakistan’s culture, history and lifestyle through her clothing.

The actress conveyed that the purpose of dressing up in national dress is to celebrate the culture, history and lifestyle of Pakistan. It should be noted that the crown of Miss Universe was worn by the American Hasina R. Bonnie Gabriel last year.

India has won this title thrice, with Sushmita Sen in 1994, Lara Dutta in 2000 and Harnaz Kaur Sindhu becoming Miss Universe in 2021. This year’s Miss Universe will be announced on November 19.

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