Collaboration with Oxford University Press and Beacon House Pakistan

Collaboration with Oxford University Press and Beacon House Pakistan
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Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan and Beacon House, the largest network of private schools in the country, has announced that Oxford AQA International, GCSEs and announced a strategic partnership for A Level, a key milestone in the country’s education landscape. Under this agreement, Beacon House School in collaboration with Oxford University Press will offer Oxford AQA exams to students across the country.

This is where OXFORD AQA comes in; an institution that offers global assessment and qualification standards (GCSEs, AS and A Levels) through a comprehensive list of subjects. This represents a partnership between Oxford University Press (OUP), a department of the University of Oxford, and Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA), which is the biggest supplier of general certificate secondary examinations (GCSEs) and advanced level examinations in the United Kingdom.

Oxford AQA is  international examination board  working in partnership with Oxford University Press and AQA.

It is the leading provider of GCSEs and A Levels in England. The Islamic International School is the fastest growing international examinations’ body where they have over 25 different optional GCSE’S and AS/A levels available such as Islam, Pakistan studies and urdu which are all compulsory subjects for the Muslim pupils only. For more information about Oxford AQA, visit Website

Speaking about the partnership, Oxford AQA Managing Director Andrew Coombe said that equitable provision of education changes lives. The grades we give reflect the students’ abilities. At Oxford AQA we have developed a unique fair assessment approach to international GCSEs, AS and A-level exams, which give all students an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and skills.

Qasim Kasuri, CEO of Beacon House, noted that Beacon House is empowered to ensure success for all students involved through multiple paths leading to success; hence, this collaboration could be a necessary step towards that purpose. We also have international qualifications, which add to our diversity and gives students better educational options that enhance the quality of education while preparing them to face tough competition at the global arena.

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We are confident that this strategic partnership will allow us to offer quality education to Pakistani children in order to give them tools to cope with new century’s challenges and possibilities”, stated by Mr. Oxford University, Managing Director, on behalf of his organization. Can take full advantage.

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